Distributor :

  • Cabot Cabot is a leading manufacturer in the production of Carbon Black used as filler in the manufacturing of rubber goods. With excellent quality and consistency, Cabot’s carbon black remains as one of the most sought carbon black in the market. With their presence in 18 countries and 42 manufacturing facilities Cabot is able to supply world wide demand for carbon black and chemicals.

Sole Agent:

  • Dongjin Semichem Dongjin is a prominent manufacturer in Korea for the production of electronic materials and foaming agent. PT Dongjin Indonesia specializes in the manufacturing of Blowing Agent(Unicell), often used in plastic and rubber goods. Local production ensures faster lead time and competitive pricing.
  • Asahi Kasei Asahi Kasei manufactures various goods in Japan, starting from household goods, cosmetics to rubber polymers and raw materials. Known for its high quality and competitive price for synthetic rubber, we are proud to be their distributor in Indonesia for the distribution of synthetic rubber.
  • Nipon Zeon Zeon Chemicals is a leading developer and supplier of innovative polymers, including synthetic elastomers and specialty chemicals. Zeon develop superior elastomers for the hottest parts of automotive engines, polymers for longer lasting laser printer rolls, synthetic rubber to survive oil wells' most aggressive fluids and cyclo-olefin plastics for today's advanced medical and electronic application
  • API Corporation API Corporation manufactures many different types of products that includes phenol derivatives, sugars, chiral alcohol and many more. We are their sole agent for BHT Yoshinox in Indonesia, mainly used as antioxidant. Their superior quality stands out among other brands which results in growing popularity in Indonesia.
  • Momentive Elastomers Momentive is the leading company for Silicone Elastomers and Liquid Silicone for various applications such as houseware, medical supplies, automotive parts, high voltage insulators and many more. With R&D centers and manufacturing plant located strategically in many parts of the world, Momentive provides excellent technical service, good lead time and competitive price. Dedicated team members will be available to answer your need anytime.

Besides the manufacturer mentioned above we also carry goods from many other manufacturer such as Yan Shan (China), LG Korea, Ube Japan, Eliochem Europe and many more chemicals from world wide manufacturer. You can be assured that our suppliers are well noted for their quality control and competitive pricing.